Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Student Blogging Guidelines

Think carefully about what you write in blogs, in comments and always follow these rules.

Be Safe:

  • Don't use your last name
  • Never give anyone your address, email address or phone number
  • Do not post photos of others without their permission.
Be Respectful:
  • Don't say anything that might be offensive to someone else.
  • Be considerate of others. When commenting, show others that you have read what they have written rather than just saying "great job".
  • Be open to other people's opinions, but be prepared to discuss your own position if you don't agree.
Be Literate:
  • You know about good grammar, spelling and punctuation. Use it!
  • Save abbreviations and shortcuts for texting!
Be aware of Copyright:
Quality Comments:
  • Writing the comment like a letter (greeting, body, closing, signature)
  • Using correct spelling, punctuation and spacing
  • Reading over the comment and editing before submitting
  • Complementing the writer in a specific way, asking a question, and/or adding new information to the post
  • Writing a relevant comment that is related to the post
  • No revealing personal information in your comment

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