Sunday, September 4, 2016

School Branding

How do schools today get out information? How many parents really read the newsletters sent home? Times are changing and schools have to do so as well. Back in April, I read "Your School Rocks...So Tell People" by Ryan McLane and Eric Lowe. After reading this book I purchased copies for my local school board and Administrators to read.

This past week the middle school principal emailed me and asked if I would help her with creating a video. We scheduled an appointment and when I arrived, to my surprise I saw the book I had given her with a bookmark in it. She said she wanted help creating the schools first Video Newsletter. We talked about where we would film, the use of green screens and making sure she had planned out exactly what she wanted to say. We then set the second meeting for filming.

The next day I arrived with my iPad and a greenscreen ready to put up in the principal's office. The President of the school's ASB was there as well. We did a couple of takes of the two of them in the next 30 minutes. That afternoon the principal filmed a segment with the Athletic Director.

We meet again the next day to put together the final newsletter. A picture from a new mural on campus, which I had taken a picture of, was used to replace the green in the segment filmed in the principal's office. It took us about 20 minutes to piece together the 3 min Video Newsletter.

Thank You, Ryan and Eric, for inspiring schools to work on branding a positive image for school across the country.

Check Out Wilson Middle School in Exeter, CA's first Video Newsletter