Sunday, March 20, 2016

Social Bookmarking TEC-950

While I had heard of Delicious before taking the TEC-950 Web 2.0 course I had never signed up for an account. I don't care for the look of Delicious or the ads on the website. It is blocked at school so using it to save sites for use booth at home and school is not possible.

As a visual learner, I prefer for myself Symbaloo. A number of the elementary teachers in my district like to use Pinterest. While I do have a Pinterest account I don't do a lot with it as it is blocked off and on in the district. An option for schools and students that have a very similar feel to Pinterest for those that like that look is Educlipper.

Social bookmarking can be used by students to locate and organize information and research.

Symbaloo - Visual Social Bookmarking - Personal Favorite

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