Monday, June 25, 2012


Welcome to my new blog. This is not first foray into blogging (Peanut Gallery). Here you will find my thoughts and ramblings on books I'm reading, educational treads, and my new journey into teaching computers to middle school students.

The title for this blog, well I have never been much of conformist to fitting into the mold others think I should fit into. As a child I often colored outside the lines and looked for solutions outside the box of normal thinking. This is one of the reasons why in college while on a jazz band trip, when our equipment truck broke down and all the guys stood around look at the open hood and wondering what was wrong and how we were going to get back to the University, my outside of the box thinking diagnosed the problem and a solution of a temporary fix with a shoelace. The fix worked for the 60+ mile trip back to the University to get us home for the night and allowed the truck to be taken to a repair shop the next morning.

You here we go on my new trip Outside the Box......