Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Road to 1:1

The long and winding road...



And so the journey begins towards making advancements in educational technology in the school District where I currently teach. Change can be a painful process. When you are looking at spending a large amount of money you never want to jump into anything to fast but when the world is passing you by you also don't want to move to slow either. Finding the right balance is often a hard thing to do.

First big question was do we really go 1:1 or can you have a class set of devices for every two classes to share. My view was that at the very least by middle school you must be 1:1. If we are looking at textbooks being electronic then there is no question we have to be 1:1 with students taking the devices home. Which now leads to the question of what device do you purchase?

So the debate begins - will it be iPads - or maybe iPad minis, how about Chromebooks, what about laptops? There is a pause in the conversation. We move on to something else.

I make the mistake of saying what about something like the HP device that works as both a tablet and a laptop. The tech next to me says yeah the um hybrids. We can't think of exactly what they are called at the moment (Slates) and someone pipes up your wasting time.........

Yep it is going to be a long and winding road......

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