Monday, January 27, 2014

First Exeter 'Appy Hour'

I hosted the first 'Appy Hour' for teachers in my District today at a local coffee shop. The District is piloting iPads in a few classrooms this year so today a few of the teachers joined me for an hour of sharing what is working and what is not.

One of my favorite new apps that I shared today was "AppsGoneFree" by This app is a great way to find apps without paying a dime. Or using a teachers favorite F word - you can get apps for FREE by using this app. You can read information about the apps online at

Board Cam was shared by one of the other teachers present as her favorite app for using the iPad as a document camera. Read more and check out the app in iTunes

The group also checked out my new stand that I'm using in my classroom for my iPad. I have the Justand V2. You can check out all the details on the Justand V2 at
I love how this stand is easily portable from classroom to classroom. You can also plug your iPad into the stand for charging when using all day.

We talked about how trying the lite version of apps to try about a new app is fine but if you find it to be a useful app in the classroom then paying for the full version to get ride of ads with worth the money.

Another point brought up by the group was how if you have an app on your device for more than two months and you find you are not using it then delete it off the device because it is not worth keeping. Also keeping apps organized on your device was also brought up as an important thing to do.

It was a great time of sharing and we will be getting together again for another 'Appy Hour'

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