Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Vertigo, Physical Therapy, Where Are They Now??


Last Wednesday evening I had a major case of Vertigo start. After suffering for a few days I finally went to see my family doctor because I could hardly walk and was having trouble keeping anything down because of nausea caused by the dizziness. She said I had Vertigo and sent me to a Physical Therapist.

Physical Therapy

I was sent to Medcalf & Schommer Physical Therapy. They explained about how we have crystals in our ears and when they get out of alignment we end up with Vertigo. After a short and simple routine, I was feeling better. Still a little unsteady on my feet but much better than when I arrived.  

I have been several times now and there is a marked improvement with how I feel.

Where Are They Now??

The main reason for this blog post is because of this section. On my first visit to PT, I had a young man step into the exam room and say Ms. Allstedt do you remember me? Now I must confess I was still dizzy at the time and my vision was a little blurry but he looked familiar. The next thing I know a young lady steps into the room and goes "Do you remember me?" Yes, I said discovering that two Exeter Union High School grads were in front of me. The next day when I returned I meet the third former EUHS student working in the PT office. Well, today I had the young man from the first trip work with me on some exercises and just after we started in pops another EUHS student. He was shadowing the first former student. So as I worked through a series of exercises today I chatted with former students from Wilson Middle School where I taught for almost 15 years. We talked about who works for Medcalf & Schommer that I taught or their siblings that I taught. 

Having taught for Exeter Unified School District for 16 years now it is not uncommon to run into former students in Visalia at various businesses. I have just never run into so many for Exeter students working for the same business. It is times like this that it makes me so happy to have gone into education. Very cool seeing students grow up and become outstanding young men and women.

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