Sunday, April 3, 2016

Web 2.0 Cool Tool - TEC-950

Cool Tool

While there are many cool web 2.0 tools available to used in the educational setting these days one I would love to explore the use of more is Augmented Reality (AR) with Aurasma. We are using this technology with our HS yearbook, which is great. While that is a cool way to add an extra component to a student's yearbook, so much more can be done with Aurasma. 

One possible classroom/school use of AR would be to have students create book reviews of books read from the school library. These books could then be tagged for other students to use Aurasma to view these reviews. Tagging of books could be done in several ways, either a sticker on the book or a card in the book would notify other students of the AR review. 

How about making a history lesson on the Declaration of Indepence come alive with the reading of the opening in English or Spanish. In fact, it could be read in any language needed for your class setting as a way to differentiate for EL's. 

For a more extensive list of ways to use AR in schools check out Drew Minock and Brad Wald's blog Two Guys and Some iPads.

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