Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cue Rockstar & the Flu

When the flu hits the day before Rural Rockstar one would think that would mean all hope of the best summer PD is over. But I was not to be fully denied access to Rockstar. So laptop, iPad and phone close at hand, twitter open and texting a fellow teacher from my bed I made the best of it.

I might not have spent an hour or two putting together a lesson for the up coming school year but I was able to collect some resources and names and twitter handles of folks to contact if I have questions before the fall.

Both John Miller (@room162) and Sam Patterson (@SamPatue) presented on blogging. While I started blogging with students last year for the first time it is always great to see what other educators are doing with their classes.
John Miller also did a session on Minecraft Edu. If there was one session I truly wish I could have been in the room for this is it. However that being said I have the link to John's web page of resources which I hope he does not mind me posting the link here

My friend that was texting me said that Will Kimbley (@willkimbley) did a great session on google chrome apps and extensions. 

Kristen Berg (@mrsqueenberg) APPs that APPly to Common Core is worth a look for anyone using an iPad in the classroom. Check out the link here

Having been to CUE Rockstar Hornet I can say going in person is definitely the way to go. However if life gets in the way and you can't show up in person don't let that stop you from gaining from the great educators at Rockstar!

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